Single & Multiple Dental Implants - Indianapolis, IN

Missing Tooth? Get It, and More, Back

Every Single Dental Implant Makes a Difference

Have you lost a tooth to decay? Maybe several? If so, then you already know the embarrassment and frustration that eating, speaking, and smiling with just one small gap can cause. The skilled, compassionate Georgetown Dental Center team understands, and we can help end that frustration for good. Dental implants can restore complete oral function and esthetics after just one tooth or a full arch of teeth are lost. Returning the look, feel, and function of natural teeth, dental implants are the preferred long-term solution with unparalleled benefits that traditional bridges and partial dentures can’t touch. You may be surprised at how significantly even a single dental implant in Indianapolis, IN can change your life!

multiple dental implant model

Life with Dental Implants

  • Carefree meals, conversations, smiles, and laughter
  • Tremendous confidence
  • A more satisfying selection of foods
  • A healthier jawbone
  • Improved overall dental health
  • Preserves health of adjacent teeth

Dental Implant Animation

dental patients calculating procedure cost

The Real Value of Dental Implants

We want to make restoring your smile and your confidence as easy as possible, that’s why we offer financing options to help make your dental implants more affordable. We also offer an in-house discount plan. Whatever the total cost for your dental implant in Indianapolis, IN, you’ll find it worth it once you see what this leading-edge solution can do for you. Every missing tooth replaced. Every meal, eaten with ease. Every smile, a confident one. It’s a great feeling you may not have experienced in a long time, or ever. And since dental implants act just like natural teeth, they can also restore your bone health and oral health for years to come. The value of dental implants far exceeds their price. We know you’ll agree. Let’s discuss your treatment now!

Don’t Fret Over Lost Teeth Anymore

We’ll restore their beauty and function for you!