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Pediatric Dentistry - INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Compassionate, Reassuring Dentistry for Kids

Special Care for Your Special Ones

You want your children to have a good experience with the dentist. After all, that will be the foundation of a lifetime of good dental health. We understand that not only because we’re dedicated dental professionals, but because we’re also dedicated parents. The Georgetown Dental Center team is sensitive to the specific needs and concerns children have in a dental office setting. The many unfamiliar sights, noises, and treatments may upset some of them. We take a compassionate, reassuring approach to pediatric dentistry in Indianapolis, IN.

In addition to our comforting demeanor, we have the skills and training to deliver the highest quality of dentistry for children. Our practice is led by a general dentist with broad expertise honed during 15 years in the field. Under his guidance, we can get your children started on that lifetime of strong oral health and keep treating them as they grow. Your kids deserve the best of care, and that’s what they’ll always receive from us.

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Key Pediatric Dentistry Services

  • Regular checkups and cleanings to sustain optimal dental health
  • Fluoride and sealants to stop cavities from forming
  • Orthodontics to align teeth that aren’t straight
  • Frenectomy to eliminate tongue- and lip-ties

The First of Many Comfortable, Convenient Visits

Your child should have their first dental visit around the time of their first birthday. When you bring a child for an appointment here, you will stay with them for the entire visit. Assisted by your reassuring presence, our calming team will quickly make your young ones feel safe.

In addition to a pediatric dentistry practice, we’re a comprehensive general and family dentistry practice that provides care for patients from the age of one upward. We also strive to make your family’s treatment as convenient as possible, scheduling your appointments adjacent to your child’s, allowing you to make just one trip. What’s more, we also offer early office hours on some weekdays as well as select Saturdays to ease your busy schedules. Look no further for a truly comfortable, convenient dental experience.

Kids of All Ages Get Healthy Here!

Come see how we do family dental care.