Full Mouth Dental Implants - Indianapolis, IN

Enjoy Life Without Limits Again

Reclaim Full Dental Function and Esthetics

When all your teeth have fallen out, or all but unhealthy ones are gone, your everyday life can become a challenge. You rely on those teeth for so many of the essential activities you do each day: speaking, eating, laughing, and smiling. At Georgetown Dental Center we can help you regain a full, healthy, beautiful smile. No more soft food diet. No more feeling self-conscious around others. No limitations! Driven by an esteemed dentist with training and broad expertise across the spectrum of dental care, we’re ready to change your life with solutions including full mouth dental implants in Indianapolis, IN.

Full mouth dental implants are a wonderful and increasingly accessible solution for missing teeth. Implants involve the insertion of a titanium base into the jawbone to replace the roots. Once these have healed, you can choose from either stable replacement teeth that last for ten-to-fifteen years, or implant-retained dentures that attach to the base and need only be removed by the dentist for maintenance. Either way, you will find implants to be the most comfortable, natural-feeling solution for missing teeth. Find out more about these and your other full smile restoration options now.

Full Mouth Smile Restoration Options

  • Removable Dentures

Dentures have been in use for so long because they work well and require minimal surgery. You apply dentures directly to your gums and either suction or an adhesive gel keeps them there. Sometimes dentures become loose, which can cause you embarrassment and irritate your gums over time. Upper dentures typically include at least a partial false palate for stability, though this can reduce the taste and tactile sensations of chewing food.

implant supported denture
  • Implant Supported Dentures

For greater stability and fewer drawbacks, we recommend implant supported dentures as an alternative denture treatment. These combine some aspects of dentures and dental implants. Being permanently anchored to your jaw with implants, they don’t come loose or limit your enjoyment of food.

full arch dental implants
  • Full Mouth Dental Implants

The gold standard in tooth replacement is full mouth dental implants, as previously mentioned. There is no more customizable, comfortable, realistic-looking or durable option available today. Dental implants don’t decay like natural teeth and the crowns won’t stain. They can transform that challenging daily life into one of tremendous fulfillment and confidence. The journey back to a full smile with dental implants is a three-stage process …

Three Stages to Countless Benefits

Stage 1: Consultation and Planning
Are dental implants what your smile needs? We’ll determine this with you during your personalized in-office consultation. This will give us the opportunity to get to know your smile goals as well as your budget. Here we can also discuss what shade your final restorations should be. Since you’re essentially starting over with a new set of teeth, your dental implant bridges can be as bright as you want! You may choose the shade based on its harmony with your skin tone or use any criteria you like. We’ll also discuss which material is best for your final smile. We frequently recommend high-quality crowns made from durable and esthetically pleasing zirconia. We’ll then help you schedule your dental implant surgery.
Stage 2: Full Mouth Dental Implant Placement
The next phase of your treatment is receiving your dental implants. Placed with long-term function, reliability, and esthetics in mind, a dental implant specialist will place each one directly into your jawbone. After your implants are placed, you’ll likely be able to have a temporary restoration placed on top. This allows you to eat and speak comfortably while you heal and leave on the same day with a complete smile!
Stage 3: Your Fully Restored Smile
Healing generally takes four or more months. During this time, each titanium dental implant post will form a bond with your jawbone during a process called osseointegration. This bond is what allows dental implants to restore complete oral function. Once your treatment sites have healed, you’ll come to Georgetown Dental Center for your final restorations. These will be lifelike, sturdy bridges made specifically for you. If you’re anxious about treatment, we can offer you sedation before removing your temporary restorations and affixing your new, permanent restorations to the dental implants in your jaw. Once your smile is fully restored, you can enjoy the benefits of a strong, attractive, and complete smile for many decades to come!
patient calculating the cost of dental implants

The Value of Dental Implants Beyond Dollars

Our practice works with trusted third-party financing companies that can help you pay for your restorations in phases. We also offer an exclusive in-house discount plan. No matter the full cost for your full mouth dental implants in Indianapolis, IN, the end results will show you with certainty that you made the right decision. No more missing teeth. No more soft foods. No more being embarrassed to smile. Do you remember what that was like? Schedule a consultation now so you can experience it again!

Complete Tooth Loss Isn’t the End

Enjoy a new beginning with dental implants!